Saturday, February 28, 2004

2004 Liberty of Conscience Series at Woodside SDA Church

You are invited to attend a series on liberty of conscience at the Woodside SDA Church in Sacramento. Address: 3300 Eastern Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95821

February 28, 4pm Speaker: Leigh Johnsen, PhD Topic: Early American Origins of Church-State Separation In contrast what many voices at present claim, longstanding and well-known historical evidence from the colonial and revolutionary periods of American history indicate that the roots of church-state separation are deep and enduring in American culture and history.
March 6, 4pm Speaker: Dr. Alan Brownstein Topic: Church-State Constitutional Issues Dr. Brownstein, Professor of Law, UC Davis, is a renowned Constitutional Professor of Law. He has given expert testimony before Legislatures and Courts in church-state issues. Most recently he testified on behalf of KASK, 91.5 FM, a Vacaville SDA radio station, which has been denied a building permit. Dr. Brownstein will discuss current constitutional church-state issues.
March 13, 4pm Speaker: Dr. Brad Newton Topic: Church-State Issues at the Legislature Dr. Newton is the liaison between the SDA Church and the California Legislature. He will present current bills before the Legislature which impact church and state.

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